Young workers prefer to work in companies with climate change policies

BOSTON — Despite a labor shortage desperately looking to hire and an economy wreaking havoc on bank accounts, young people are increasingly reluctant — or outright opposed — to working for a company that doesn’t have climate-friendly policies. The cultural shift in attitudes from previous generations shows that Gen Z and millennials are taking more … Read more

Are We Alone in the Universe?: Work Begins in Western Australia on the World’s Most Powerful Radio Telescope | astronomy

The construction of the world’s largest radio astronomy observatory, Square Kilometer Array, has officially begun in Australia after three decades of development. A massive international government effort, the SKA has been hailed as one of the largest science projects of this century. It will enable scientists to trace back to early in the history of … Read more

Will gravitational waves solve one of the biggest mysteries in physics? (weekend feature)

“Gravitational waves will bring us wonderfully accurate maps of black holes — maps of space-time. These maps will show whether what we are dealing with are black holes as described in general relativity,” said the Nobel laureate, Caltech. Cape Thorne. Scientists at Cardiff University Gravity Exploration Institute They use the technologies behind one of the … Read more

Explaining America’s Wildlife Restoration Act

The Biden administration is about to enact a law The largest part of climate legislation Ever, after the Senate passed Inflation Reduction Act Sunday by a consecutive vote along party lines. But there’s actually another huge piece of environmental legislation that could soon become law — and it has bipartisan support. Known by the acronym … Read more

Stanford researchers find pandemic of COVID-19 stress on brains of physically aging teens

The brains of the teens assessed after the pandemic shutdowns ended appeared several years older than the brains of the teens assessed before the pandemic. The brains of teens assessed after the COVID lockdowns ended appeared several years older than the brains of teens assessed before the pandemic. To date, such accelerated changes in ‘brain … Read more

“Brain on Fire” – Doctors successfully treat a child suffering from a mysterious disease

The child had anti-NMDAR (N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor) encephalitis, a rare, hard-to-diagnose brain abnormality. Blood plasma exchange helped a 5-year-old boy with a rare autoimmune disorder improve. The prognosis for the sick child, who had not responded to conventional treatment, was grim. However, a group of doctors from Rutgers University believed there could be hope despite the … Read more

Russian draft resolution on war crimes distributed at the United Nations | Russia

The draft resolution is circulated in United nations In New York for a Nuremberg-style trial to hold the Russian leadership accountable for crimes of aggression in Ukraine amid signs that US opposition to the proposal may be waning in the face of pressure from Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky. It’s something President Zelensky cares about very … Read more