Difficult lessons for the virtual future – POLITICO

A note on programming: We’ll be off this Monday to celebrate Memorial Day, but will be back in your inbox on Tuesday, May 31. Facebook app | Getty Images It is no exaggeration to say that the smartphone is an experience… Well, being a person, whether in the form of omnipresent messaging technology or the … Read more

Intel Raptor Lake may arrive in October with a speed of up to 5.8GHz

Thirteenth generation Intel processors, dubbed Lake RaptorIt might be closer than we thought. A new rumor suggests that the release date is October 2022, and the rumored specs are exciting, with frequencies up to 5.8GHz. It also looks like Intel may be releasing the next generation of Sapphire Rapids server processors along with Raptor Lake. … Read more

Defector Sees $19.3M in Thursday Previews – Deadline

Friday and Middle Update: Sounds like a standard Memorial Day weekend opening like Joseph Kosinski’s Top Gun: Maverick It is set to earn $142.4 million over four days, which will easily outperform Disney Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End which grossed $139.8 million. It took 15 years for this record to be broken. friday … Read more

The owl house deserves more attention than it gets

picture: Disney Animation The animation field has been especially booming over the past few years, even as the rest of the entertainment industry seems intent on Mediator writing as an event. but for each Rick and Morty or Harley QuinnAnd the There is a show that seems to be getting a lot more attention than … Read more

When Detroit auto workers defended Diego Rivera’s mural against protests from the rich

picture: Detroit Institute of Art It is one of the most famous places in Detroit: the wonderful Diego Rivera Detroit industry The mural covers all four walls in the Garden Court at the Detroit Institute of Art. When the twenty-seven paintings were revealed to the public, everyone from Catholics to businessmen to the assembled demanded … Read more

Prince Harry knows he needs a sprinkle of company’s ‘magic fairy dust’, says expert

A royal expert has said Prince Harry knows he needs a sprinkle of the royal family’s “magic dust” if he is to continue making money in California. Author and historian Tessa Dunlop said: True Royal TVIt’s a Royal Beat that the Duke of Sussex, 37, is in a tough spot as he trades his royal … Read more

Mavericks, in an unforgettable season, answers a lot of questions; Now it’s time to go

Theo Benson He commanded the final post-match press conference, sitting on the Chase Center Visiting Media Zone podium and asking questions. The fourth-year veteran, whose infectious positivity caused him earlier this season to be called the best player on the team, Jason Kidd, immediately made it clear that he MavericksThe defeat that ended the season … Read more

Joe Guzzardi: “Harvard Eddy” Grant Was the First Major League Baseball Killed in World War I | Sports

Eddie Granta Harvard Law School Graduate and former Cleveland IndiansAnd the Philadelphia PhyllisAnd the Cincinnati Reds And the New York Giants The third base man, he was the first Major League Baseball kill a player in First World War. In all, seven other major players lost their lives in the Great War. they are Lieutenant … Read more