What can the dot-com accident of 2000 teach us about the technological downturn of 2022? • Tech Crunch

recently Twitter space, Anna Barber, M13 Partner And I looked back at the dot-com collapse for lessons that operators could use to avoid the mistakes founders made in previous downturns. In our talk, Barber talked about how founders can better align with investors and employees while managing uncertainty, the risks of growing too quickly, and … Read more

Supporting start-ups: 33,000 new loans to small businesses as government scheme expands to £900m

start-up loans Up to £25,000 is now available for startups that have traded for up to 3 years, up from 2 years New “Second Loans” are available for companies that have been traded for up to 5 years Loans to provide much-needed support to UK innovators and entrepreneurs Business Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg announced today (Sunday … Read more

How This Shipping Company Climbed to Unicornhood

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are their own. You are reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media. On August 17, 2022, two days after India celebrated its 76th foundingThe tenth On Independence Day, logistics startup Shiprocket joined the elite group of companies, the “unicorn,” whose legendary name perhaps aptly captures the nature of … Read more

The Millennial Business Owner Says Any Entrepreneur Should Brag About This One Thing

For young people, entrepreneurship is 9 to 5 new, with 60% From teens who say they want to start their own business instead of working in a traditional job. However, with the uncertainty that business owners have faced over the past two years, it may be worthwhile for Gen Zers to learn from professionals who … Read more

Why being a professional can hurt your career success

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are theirs. For a very long time, we have been Tell To maximize our professional benefit. We should focus our efforts on being really good at one thing. In short, specialty prevailed. With a few exceptions, most wanted professionals In their fields they were the best at what they did. … Read more