Rosalía looks like the future of pop music

Some days you might lick a stamp or change a light bulb and wonder, is this really 2022? Other days, you might see a dog wearing an LED collar or a kid riding an electric unicycle to school and momentarily feel convinced that the future really is here. Now imagine that second impression lasted for … Read more

Heartland actor Robert Cormier dies at 33… while his family says he has ‘always looked forward to more’

Actor Robert Cormier, who played Finn Cotter on the Canadian television series Heartland, has died at the age of 33. Cormier died on Friday, according to him obituaryalthough no details were revealed about the cause of his death. After the news of his death, UPtv, an American network that broadcasts the CBC series, paid tribute … Read more

Circle billionaire art collectors as Megabucks masterpieces go to auction

The pillars of the art market are said to come down to the three elements: Death, divorce, or religion. In these dramatic instances of turnaround, financial risk, or both, old collectors are more motivated to unload their merchandise, and when they do, the results can be astounding. In May, Sotheby’s scored a big win at … Read more

Norman Reedus with his fiancée Diane Kruger, her son and mom while receiving a star in Hollywood

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday. The 53-year-old Special Actor is joined by longtime partner Diane Kruger, 46, as well as son Mingus Reedos, 22, who he shares with his ex-wife, model Helena Christensen, and his mother. The party made him, which … Read more

What happens when China disappears a popular movie?

Screenshot from the movie Back to dustwhich has been pulled from streaming in China but is still available through pirated YouTube copies.screenshot: Youtube Back to dustThe film, which has been causing quite a stir in China as a sleeper, was unceremoniously pulled from the country’s streaming services yesterday, according to multiple reports on social media. … Read more

250 best songs of the 90s

Listen: Seanad O’Connor, “Nothing Compares 2 U” 18. LP: “Common People” (1995) Formed in 1978 by two Sheffield teens, Pulp successfully changed lineup and branding without commercial success – until Britpop’s explosion in the mid-1990s provided a new world stage for their fifth album. different class And her lead single that defines a career path. … Read more

Disney suffers a massive backlash, being called ‘stupid’ and ‘anti-gay’ due to the cancellation of a popular show

The Walt Disney Company is being called seriously by fans for their recent actions. Credit: Disney Related: The new movie will feature the first gay teen romance movie in Disney movie history It is now well known that Disney has shifted its focus from traditional cable TV shows like the once hugely popular Disney Channel, … Read more

Douglas Copeland’s new Metrotown sculptures a nod to Ford’s factory past (PHOTOS)

A pedestrian-oriented street view in Station Square redevelopment now completed It has recently seen a further enhancement of its public domain with important pieces of public art. Anthem Properties worked with renowned local artist Douglas Coupland to create four sculptures, spread across two locations within the redevelopment. Three sculptures are located outside JJ Bean Coffee … Read more