Children of Ragnarok is a new novel by Cinda Williams Cheema

Norse mythology is the basis for The Children of Ragnarok, an overarching saga that first appeared in the Runestone Saga series for teens by Cinda Williams-Sheema. Shima created a world after Ragnarok, the end-of-days battle between gods, leaving only the Midlands where times are bad. The only productive farm is Sundgard, home to Eiric Halvorsen … Read more

The CoMoGives Peer Fundraising Program provides a benefit for the Unchained Book Festival

The first week of CoMoGives is coming to an end. The annual regional nonprofit fundraiser had just under $50,000 in donations as of about Friday afternoon. While people can give as little as $10 directly to the nonprofits of their choice Through the organization’s donation pageThere is also a variety of Peer-to-peer fundraisers ongoing this … Read more

A “Radical Update” for the “Betty Crocker Cookbook” | Books and authors

The Big Red cookbook was first published in 1950. For someone who only exists in our collective imagination, Betty Crocker has left a huge mark on American home cooking. Her eponymous book “Big Red,” first published in 1950 and revised 12 times in the years since changes in taste, demographics, and cooking methods, has taught … Read more

Few books don’t give him this Christmas

While I love giving books as gifts for the holidays, I have a new rule, Bill Maher might say, which is: I will never buy a book written by someone who served in the Trump administration and now I want to talk about how awful and devastating it was. $28.95 plus tax. Instead of slavishly … Read more

Longtime employee of Attic Books & Coffee in Green Bay

One of the most enduring and endearing shops in Green Bay, Attic Books and CoffeeOwnership will be transferred early next year. The new owner will be longtime manager Ashley Martin. “I started here in August 2008 as a part-time barista,” said Martin. “I’m not even sure how I got to this point. Bill (the current … Read more

And Paul Kevin Cabrera, who endorsed Trump in Miami-Dade, got off to a bad start

Image from a flyer promoting a December 9 event by Florida International University’s Cuban Research Institute for author Susan Eva Eckstein’s book on differences in US immigration policy titled “The Cuban Franchise.” Florida International University The ardent beaver that he seems — at the age of eight, he already knew he wanted to be political … Read more

Get a refreshed look for Minnesota’s leading bird book

The publication of a small 114-page book in 1974 changed the Minnesota Birds forever. The book was The Birder’s Guide to Minnesota, the first of five editions written by the state’s premier birder’s guide, Kim Eckert of Duluth. The fifth edition should be in stores next month. Everything will be as exciting for birds today … Read more