The #1 exercise for how to get rid of hip fat fast

In addition to slimming the tummy, the hips are one of the most difficult parts of the body to melt fat. according to Medical news todayReducing the amount of hip fat you have is possible with the right exercises and diet regimen. You can’t reduce, but you are Can Reducing your total body fat, which … Read more

Your neighborhood gym is now a fitness influencer. And busting exercise myths

tIt’s Jim Will Bahia With his helpful tips on fitness and diet he is now an influencer. He has evolved into an expert social media fitness trainer. Freed from the constraints of geography and physical proximity, business is booming. It’s an integrated industry now on Instagram, with handles like “ Strength,” “ThePicky Eater,” and “Penutphsique” … Read more

Tae Bo “gave me the confidence” to overcome a learning disability, says Billy Blanks, 67

Billy Blanks created a global fitness phenomenon with Tae Bo, which is still going strong after nearly 40 years. (Getty Images; Designed by Caitlin Murray) for Billy BlanksTrue fitness is as much about building spiritual strength as it is about the body. “Life is not easy,” the creator of Tae Bo martial arts-based training told … Read more

How 15 minutes a day can make you fitter

Life is full of competing priorities, and you might assume that you don’t have time to exercise properly unless you can devote an hour to a large portion of your day. But did you know that just 15 minutes of exercise a day can have a significant impact on your overall health? 15 minutes may … Read more

15 push-ups a day for the month challenge

Pushups and I have a long and complicated love-hate relationship. On the one hand, as someone who used to be a personal trainer and did programming strength training For hundreds of clients, I know very well the benefits of push-ups: they build core strength and stability, it also works your chest muscles and triceps. Plus, … Read more

These 5 people challenged themselves to walk or run 5K to celebrate Thanksgiving – and they all succeeded

In November, Start today – A community of nearly 150,000 people committed to improving their health and fitness — Members face a challenge Walk or run 3 miles in 6 weeks. Many members have used the challenge as a springboard to join the Turkey Trot or other Thanksgiving-themed 5K races. Here’s how five members did … Read more

Tips to keep fit

After allocating months of training to a Half or full marathon, you finally finished this epic race. You may be desirable high runnerGet a new, shiny new racing medal Public relations. We hope you also enjoyed the glory of your end. But what now? Of course you want to maintain your fitness level perfectly, without … Read more