What are the muscles that work by rotation?

There are no two ways about it, indoor cycling hurts all over – but what muscles work in rotation, specifically? This HIIT workout is sure to push your leg muscles to the limit, with your glutes, quads, and hamstrings doing most of the work. While other parts of your body will be engaged during the … Read more

How golfers embraced fitness training and “learn to love” the gym

Anderson, a performance coach with 27 years of experience, was guiding the three-time main winner through a series of photo shoots back in 2014 when he saw something. Anderson recalls, “He went: ‘Oh, I love the feeling of that.’” “There are pictures and pictures from that picture and you can see it in that cool … Read more

Study shows that Urolithin A post-biologic improves muscle strength and exercise performance in middle-aged adults

skeletal muscle fibers. Credit: Berkshire Community College of Biological Sciences Picture Library/Public Domain Age-related muscle decline can start as early as 40 years of age and there are currently no effective interventions to counteract it other than exercise. An important new study was published today in Medicine Cell Reports showed that daily intake of Urolithin … Read more

5 essential exercises to skip — and 5 exercises to instead

AB work is necessary. It’s not just this belly that you’re aiming for. certainly, ab . workouts They can lead to weight loss and control, but they are also essential for every part of your body to function better. If your legs, arms or chest are strong and abdominal muscles are weak, you are asking … Read more

This is what it feels like to exercise like David Beckham

It’s no surprise that David Beckham’s fitness regimen isn’t easy. The legendary soccer player gave us a glimpse into the intense way he trains, by creating a sports class with the F45 (f45training.co.uk), along with F45’s head of athletics, Gunnar Peterson. With explosive soccer-inspired moves and memorable breaks, you’ll leave you sweating. The partnership makes … Read more