How to order a healthy pumpkin latte

This is pumpkin spice latte season. If you’re a fan of pumpkin lattes, you can’t wait for fall to arrive and for your local coffee shop to roll out the ultimate fall fun. Not only is it warm and delicious on a cool fall morning, but it also has pumpkin. Could it be healthy, too? … Read more

How will medical coding evolve in the next 20 years in revenue cycle management?

The world of medical coding has evolved significantly in the past 20 years, echoing the increasingly complex technological landscape of telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and machine learning. What started as a manual, paper-based process, reliant on “chargemasters”, has transformed in just a few decades into a highly specialized digital process that takes advantage of predictive … Read more

Effectiveness of an independent telephone intervention to reduce the problem of alcohol abuse

1. In this randomized controlled trial, in participants with problem alcohol use, individuals in the active control group, receiving short visits, and the intervention group, receiving cognitive and behavioral interventions for telehealth both experienced a significant decrease in the severity of alcohol use 3 months after randomization. 2. The intervention group showed a significant reduction … Read more

Taiwanese pangolins are experiencing an increase in feral dog attacks

Pangolins, usually prized for their scales, are challenging a different danger in conservation-conscious Taiwan — the increasing numbers of feral dogs. In most of its habitats, the greatest threat to the highly trafficked pangolin comes from humans. But in Taiwan, scaly mammals face a different danger: increased numbers of feral dogs. Veterinarian Tseng Shao Tong, … Read more

DVIDS – NEWS – I’m Naval Medicine – From Pacific Partnership to 3rd Military Battalion – Commander. matte

When formal notification was sent regarding the selection of the Navy’s Office of Medicine and Surgery as the next Chief of Nursing for the Marine Corps 3D Medical Battalion, the selected top candidate was finishing an assignment with all the trademarks for the cause of his nomination. boss. Cameron Mate was assigned to the Everett … Read more

Mark Edward Thoman, MD – Examiner

Mark Edward Thoman was born on February 15, 1936, in Chicago, Illinois, and slept in the Lord on Thursday, September 15, 2022, in Tucson, Arizona. Mark was born the son of Greek immigrant Tasula of Trakis Thoman, Texas. Artist John Charles Thoman. Mark grew up in Chicago, Illinois until the age of nine, then the … Read more

Suffolk inaugural Suffolk appoints Hugo R. Seibel as teaching professor – Suffolk News-Herald

Woleben appointed Suffolk inaugural Hugo R. Seibel teaching professor Posted at 8:34 PM on Friday, September 23, 2022 Like his predecessor at Virginia Commonwealth University, Chris Woolpin, a native of Suffolk, is dedicated to helping students succeed, particularly through the Residency Match process. Which is why it is so fitting that for the first time … Read more

Switching to a newer clot-busting drug improves patient outcomes

AUSTIN, Texas — A new-generation clot-busting drug called tenecteplase is outperforming conventional treatment of ischemic strokes in several key areas, including better health outcomes and lower costs, according to the New study Published today in the American Stroke Association’s Journal brain attack. The study was led by a team of neurologists at Dell Medical College … Read more

Rewriting the textbook for precision medicine

Precision medicine puts the patient at the center of healthcare, using a variety of tools to develop tailored and targeted treatments and diagnoses. Promising to “revolution” the modern medicine landscape, precision medicine requires an in-depth knowledge of the molecular underpinnings of healthy and diseased conditions. Advances in molecular biology technologies and bioinformatics platforms help provide … Read more