10 health benefits of suji

Semolina, popularly known as suji or suji in many parts of South Asia, is a common type of flour. It is used to make many common foods. It is a type of coarse flour made from durum wheat that is a hard type of wheat, not the type of common wheat known simply as common … Read more

Many nutritious foods are also the most sustainable

While it’s relatively easy to compare the environmental impact of producing apples to oranges (or even beef), these calculations become more complex when foods contain multiple ingredients—and these make up the majority of what’s sold in a typical grocery store. So far, there have been no good ways to determine the effect of such foods, … Read more

Personal trainer Sophie Allen shares exactly what you eat per day

Australian personal trainer Sophie Allen shared a glimpse of what she eats in the day to maintain her fitness and body mass. The 32-year-old from Sydney A . shared video She took to Instagram to inspire her 380,000 followers to eat well every day – and she also revealed that she doesn’t track calories. Her … Read more