Researchers improve experimental gene therapy for herpes

The experimental drug, a form of gene therapy, consists of injecting millions of lab-modified viruses that have been hollowed out to carry inside them two different enzymes — tiny proteins that act like molecular scissors. The treatment uses three different types of these vector viruses. They are known as adeno-associated viruses, or AAVs, and are … Read more

Genetic testing of keratoconus facilitates early identification of the condition

Dr. Sumit Garg Review. Great strides have been made in the recognition and treatment of keratoconus. Modern imaging techniques, such as optical coherence tomography, have identified the thinning of the corneal tissue above the cone, and wavefront aberration measurement shows high-level aberrations that may facilitate diagnosis. However, the path to diagnosing the condition is not … Read more

Science at the fore in efforts to protect Exmoor’s pony

Exmoor ponies are Britain’s oldest domestic pony breed. Photo: Me’nthedogs, CC BY 2.0 Via Wikimedia Commons A scientific advisory committee has been appointed to play a leading role in conservation efforts to save Britain’s oldest pony breed. The commission is an initiative to ensure a strong scientific contribution to efforts to protect the distinctive Exmoor … Read more

Common genetic variant associated with mortality

New research may explain why some people with COVID-19 develop only mild flu-like symptoms, while others develop severe illness that can lead to death. This may be the most baffling problem with COVID: While some infected individuals experience only mild flu-like symptoms, others[{” attribute=””>COVID-19 can spiral into severe disease, disability, and even death. A new … Read more

Kentucky Council considers draft steps analysis

A team of researchers with the goal of identifying racehorses at risk of catastrophic or career-ending injury by monitoring their strides submitted a Sept. 23 bid to the Kentucky Drug Research Council for horses to fund what they see as a final push toward potentially life-saving implementation. a program. KEDRC operates under the jurisdiction of … Read more

Late Fabry disease may be more common than expected

Likely to cause mutations Fabry diseaseespecially those associated with late-onset diseasewas found to be more common in the adult population of UK residents than the estimated prevalence of the disease itself, as a genetic analysis showed. The findings suggest that the prevalence of late-onset Fabry disease may be higher than estimates, according to the researchers. … Read more

Genetic testing: a new approach to opportunities and challenges in preventive health care

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, people’s perception of healthcare has changed. While the top ten causes of death in India are still non-communicable diseases like diabetes, heart disease and respiratory diseases, they can be easily prevented/controlled if they are treated at an early stage through screening and vital counseling at regular intervals. Moreover, routine testing may … Read more