New investigation into the case of an Australian mother convicted of four murders

Canberra, Australia – On Wednesday, Australia’s attorney general refused to pardon a mother convicted nearly 20 years ago of strangling her four children to death, instead ordering a new investigation into whether there was a medical explanation for these tragedies. This will be the second investigation in three years into the scientific evidence that all … Read more

Navigating from the genome to the clinic using ‘cell maps’

Nevan Krojan, Ph.D., talks with co-author Antoine Forget, Ph.D., and specialist Rasika Fartak in his lab. Noah Berger’s photo Breast cancer, COVID-19, and autism may seem unrelated, but they do share some surprising connections. Some of the same genes that are mutated in breast cancer are also hijacked by COVID-19, and some other genes mutated … Read more

Deciphering the synthetic gene pool of potent freshwater toxins

Scientists from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, Paulo and UC Santa Cruz collaborated to discover and validate the enzymes responsible for the production of One of the most toxic and fast-acting neurotoxins associated with harmful algal blooms in freshwater lakes and ponds. The team combined genetic and … Read more

The study found that people attribute prosocial behaviors to genes more strongly than antisocial ones

A new study suggests that prosocial behaviors are more attributed to genes than antisocial behaviours. This association can be explained by people’s tendency to view prosocial behaviors as more normal, a more accurate reflection of their ‘true self’. This research was published in Journal of Social Psychology. There is an inconsistency in how people rate … Read more

XXII) Start GVB Biopharma Integration, Creating a Complete and Powerful Cannabis / Cannabis Platform

The twenty-second century group, you The complete cannabis/cannabis solution from receptors and plant genetics to final ingredients and CDMO Consistent, reliable and high quality hemp infused products for consumers instant cumulative gain; The revenues of the twenty-second century will double Buffalo, New York, May 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – 22nd Century Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: twenty … Read more