Are electric cars really better for the planet?

Electric cars are on the rise in recent years. More people are switching to lowering their emissions and being more environmentally friendly. With electric cars available in greater ranges, even electric car skeptics are turning to electric. Across the world, governments are encouraging drivers to make the change. Government grants are available to install electric … Read more

Ceres likely formed far in the solar system and migrated inland

When Sicilian astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi discovered Ceres in 1801, he thought it was a planet. Astronomers did not know about asteroids at the time. Now we know that there are a huge number of them, residing mainly in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Ceres is about 1,000 kilometers in diameter and accounts … Read more

The best planetary research at Purdue is on Mars

What is the significance of the Red Planet, Earth’s neighbor more than 150 million miles away? Are you looking for the latest research on Mars? What can another planet’s history tell us about Earth’s future? A variety of Purdue University’s leadership, expertise, and innovations in Mars and planetary research are highlighted in this tour. If … Read more