Are We Alone in the Universe?: Work Begins in Western Australia on the World’s Most Powerful Radio Telescope | astronomy

The construction of the world’s largest radio astronomy observatory, Square Kilometer Array, has officially begun in Australia after three decades of development. A massive international government effort, the SKA has been hailed as one of the largest science projects of this century. It will enable scientists to trace back to early in the history of … Read more

A gas giant exoplanet twice as massive as Earth has been discovered: ScienceAlert

A newly weighed exoplanet has left astronomers baffled. After taking measurements of a very small, Jupiter-sized exoplanet called HD-114082b, scientists found that its characteristics didn’t quite match either of the two popular models of gas giant planet formation. Simply put, it’s just too heavy for its age. “Compared to currently accepted models, HD-114082b has two … Read more

Life, the universe and the Christmas season

by Kara Sorbell Updated: 38 minutes ago published: 38 minutes ago Snow falls on an ornament hanging from a tree in Lynn Arie Park, on Wednesday, November 28, 2018. (Loren Holmes/ADN) As the holidays approach, I get little reminders that my late grandmother had dementia before she passed. I left behind a forgotten loaf of … Read more

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren Join the World of Taylor Sheridan – The Hollywood Reporter

Taylor Sheridan is not a Hollywood celebrity. Friday night as Paramount + presented the world premiere of Sheridan’s latest installment – The Yellowstone prefix 1923 Starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren – the Academy Award-nominated creator has been miles away doing what his close collaborators say he does best: work. David Glaser, CEO of 101 … Read more

How green schools can help save our planet

Local schools are our most powerful mechanism for shaping the future. Ideally, they give the next generation essential skills and knowledge, promote equality, and, through free breakfast and lunch programmes, ensure that no child goes hungry. Just think of what local schools could accomplish if we harnessed their potential to combat climate change. As my … Read more

Digital Earth: The Revolution in Data Means an Entire Replication Planet Can Be Created in Cyberspace – Marian Scott

Our world is becoming increasingly data-rich, as we interact with more and more systems in our daily lives. Creating a fully realized “digital Earth” can do more than just tell people the weather, like this one at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (Photo: Mohd Rasfan/AFP via Getty Images) This digital transformation is affecting all of us … Read more

Sierra Space Appoints Veteran NASA Astronaut and Former Chief of Medical Operations for the International Space Station Dr. Tom Marshburn as Chief Medical Officer

Thomas H. Marshburn, MD NASA Sierra Space Corporation, the leading aerospace company building the first integrated business and technology platform in space, today announced the appointment of Thomas H. Marshburn, MD, as Chief Medical Officer for the Human Space Flight Center and Astronaut Training Academy. Dr. Marchburn will report to Sierra Chief Space Officer and … Read more

Mysterious planet X beyond Pluto in our solar system? Check out the cool fact

For years, scientists have believed in the existence of Planet X, or Planet Nine, beyond Pluto. Here it is. Until about the eighteenth century, we only knew about the existence of six planets in our solar system. Anything far from Saturn was too far away to see with the naked eye or a basic telescope. … Read more

Can zero gravity damage astronauts in space?

As astronauts go farther and farther into space, a comprehensive understanding of how changes in gravity affect them is crucial. How does being in space change people? How does being in space affect their medication? These are some of the questions Professor Sarah Eyal of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem wants to answer. Eyal is … Read more