The study looks at the millisecond pulses of pulsar PSR J1023+0038

Aqueye + light curve for PSR J1023 + 0038 observed Jan 2020, sagging every 10 seconds. The count rate is normalized at the maximum count rate. The vertical colored area indicates the visually determined ignition interval. Credit: Illiano et al, 2022 European astronomers have conducted X-rays and optical observations of a millisecond transition pulsar known … Read more

Quantum Entanglement: How Lady Gaga, Jim Carrey, and Steve Jobs used this power to transform their lives

We are strong beyond faith. there A force of energy binds us; Strong electromagnetic waves pass through us at all times. Sometimes, if our hearts and minds are in alignment, we can catch an upward line that leads us to the outer edges of human achievement, beyond what we thought possible–an unstoppable force. Creation and … Read more

No, physicists haven’t made a real wormhole. What they did was still great

Zoom in / Artist’s illustration of a quantum experiment studying the physics of traversable wormholes. Wormholes are a classic sci-fi trope in popular media, if only because they provide such a practical futuristic tell-tale device to sidestep the issue of violating relativity with faster-than-light travel. In fact, it is purely theoretical. Unlike black holes – … Read more

Quantitative light color change on an integrated chip

Changing the color of single photons using an integrated phase modulator. Credit: Loncar Lab/Harvard SEAS Optical photons are ideal carriers of quantum information. But to work together in a quantum computer or network, they must have the same color — or frequency — and bandwidth. Changing the frequency of a photon requires changing its energy, … Read more

Whispering gallery modes with partial optical angular momentum in photonic crystal microrings

The left side depicts the half-right angular momentum concept in the author’s work. The electric field inside the resonator (middle) depends on both the phase of the domain envelope (top) and the phase of the angular momentum (bottom), and each requires two round trips to return to its original value. Light carrying half an integer … Read more

Researchers demonstrate light-induced motion in a non-liquid environment and report a new type of fluid-like motion

Experimental observations of Sb2t3 The pad moves spirally around the microfiber. (A) Schematic of the experimental setup performed in a vacuum chamber. VOA, variable optical attenuator; FC, fiber coupler; MF, microfiber; and PM, the power meter. (b) Time-sequence of SEM images of Sb2t3 The plate moves around the microfiber when the average power of the … Read more

Studying muonium to reveal new physics beyond the Standard Model

Frequency scanning aluminum at 22.5 watts in the range of 200-800MHz. Black line fitting with, gray line without number 3s contribution. Error bars correspond to the statistical error of the count. The colored regions represent the essential contributions from 2s – 2s1/2 Transitions, i.e. 583MHz (blue), 1140MHz (orange), 1326MHz (green), and bundled 3s– 3s1/2 (yellow). … Read more