IDTechEx report examines hardware trends in remote patient monitoring

With healthcare spending increasing worldwide, innovative ways to deliver cost-effective healthcare must be developed. Remote patient monitoring (RPM), referring to the use of technology to measure and transmit physiological data outside of traditional healthcare settings, has emerged as a promising solution for lowering healthcare costs while maintaining a high standard of patient care. IDTechEx They … Read more

Louisville-based company gets FDA approval for injectable overdose reversal device

LOUISEVILLE, Kentucky (WEAVE) — Julie Hoffmans’ Saturday afternoon ride on her horse, Hugo, means more than just clearing obstacles. She came to Brownsboro Farm in Crestwood to ride in the “The Pace” event to honor her son, Wyatt Williamson. “[When I’m riding] “I feel like Bate,” Hoffmanns said. “I feel his power” Williamson, 23, died … Read more

New Technology, Old Problems – China Wire

Good evening. Encouraged by its ownership of global agrochemical giant Syngenta, China appears to be overtaking the Rubicon when it comes to high-tech agriculture. Our cover story this week He takes a look at China’s historic purchase of Syngenta and its expected initial public offering this fall, as well as Beijing’s development in genetically modified … Read more

Give back with volunteer and donation opportunities in Houston

Many organizations in the greater Houston area need volunteers to achieve their goals of helping those in need. Here’s how to help: Alliance for Multicultural Community Services: The non-profit organization creates opportunities for refugees, migrants, and disadvantaged residents to achieve self-sufficiency and improve their quality of life. Current volunteer opportunities include career readiness mentors, administrative … Read more

“How were we not included?”: Rural Puerto Ricans struggle to get help after hurricane | Puerto Rico

Six days after Hurricane Fiona Puerto RicoAnd Alexis and Roberto Nunez still don’t know where their next meal is coming from. The couple, whose home in Arecibo was inundated during a storm, relies on a neighbor’s cooking and some government-delivered canned goods to make ends meet. Nunez woke up to a flooded house on the … Read more

The Las Vegas Review-Journal wants to return the equipment of murdered reporter Jeff German

The Las Vegas Review-Journal asks the authorities not to review the file slain reporter Electronic devices and reporting materials confiscated by the authorities after his death. Jeff German’s mobile phone, four computers and an external hard drive can be used in the prosecution and defense of the alleged German killer. The newspaper said it contained … Read more

Waterside assistance for broken boats and “Hardtop Hotel” for jeeps

Troubleshooting: Waterside assistance for broken boats, and “Hardtop Hotel” for jeeps The Cape Cod family makes a living by towing boats, while a pair of brothers get creative in serving other Jeep owners. Updated: 8:00 PM EST on Sep 23, 2022 Hide text Show version And repair it, by land or sea. When the car … Read more

Republicans want to open the door to Trump chaos in 2024

The Presidential Election Reform LawDrafted to take the flamethrower into some of the tangled language governing how Electoral College votes are counted, the House on Wednesday passed the support of just nine Republicans. (This group included Representative Liz Cheney, R-Wyo, who is a co-author.) The Republican opposition was expected but sad. Because this bill would … Read more

SNAP Pennsylvania Expansion

Down nearly 32. September is hunger month. In honor of this, WOLF has updated the SNAP, SNAP, or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program that helps pay for food for low-income families. Management officials announced the changes at the Lancaster Central Market this afternoon. Starting October 1, SNAP eligibility will be expanded for all families earning up … Read more