Three crypto giants are dying weeks apart from each other

The internet hints at the theories because Crypto’s downfall has now effectively involved those who helped create it. Texas, USA – With the demise of crypto empires like FTX, cryptocurrencies have been in the news, bringing more digital currency news to the fore. Recently, the internet couldn’t stop talking about the deaths of three cryptocurrency … Read more

In an internet-dependent world, cyber security is king

US cybersecurity expert Ira Winkler tells The Media Line why online security measures make the world go round, how people can avoid data protection risks and what makes the Israeli startup he recently joined so special In this world of constant interconnectedness, where almost everything is done online, online security is paramount. And the fact … Read more

“Mother of the Internet” Radia Perelman prefers central sources • The record

Internet pioneer Radia Perlman has argued in favor of centralized infrastructure, while speaking at the International Symposium on Blockchain Developments in Singapore on Friday. Conventional wisdom places centralized systems as “bad” and decentralized systems as “good,” Perelman said, but decentralized entities are inherently problematic in multiple ways. Blockchain started as a buzzword as the technology … Read more

Controversial European Working Group on Internet Governance faces shutdown

The members of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) Board of Directors decided on Thursday (December 1) not to renew the mandate of the Working Group on Innovations Enhanced for IPv6. The working group, established in January 2021, has been at the center of the political debate. It is designed to identify improved IPv6 use … Read more

ICANN launches an initiative to advance digital transformation in Africa

The Alliance for Digital Africa to Collaborate to Increase Internet Access and Connectivity Addis Ababa, EthiopiaAnd the December 1, 2022 /CNW/ – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) today launched the Alliance for Digital Africa, an initiative aimed at expanding the Internet in Africa. Envisioned by ICANN, the Coalition is an alliance … Read more

The study found that women turn to online support groups for information about cannabis and pregnancy

A new study sheds light on the kind of information pregnant women are looking for online when it comes to giving birth … [+] for cannabis. GT It’s no secret that expectant mothers and women are highly scrutinized for their cannabis use. Since it is unethical to study or experiment on pregnant women, as well … Read more

The medical Internet of Things market is experiencing exponential growth

Medical Internet of Things Market Medical Internet of Things Market – Global Trends, Insights to 2028 is the latest research study released by HTF MI to assess the market risk aspect analysis, highlight opportunities, and leverage to support strategic and tactical decision-making. The report provides information on market trends and development, growth drivers, technologies, and … Read more

Escambia County Selects EREC to Bring 2 Gigabit Fiber Internet to North Escambia:

The Escambia County Commission voted Monday to pursue an agreement with the Escambia River Electric Cooperative to bring high-speed internet via fiber directly to thousands of homes and businesses in rural northern Escambia County likely next summer. Escambia County will contribute $6 million in federal USA Rescue Act funds to the project across the EREC … Read more