Virtual reality gives ophthalmology students a chance to witness pupil abnormalities

While there is some value to passive learning from textbooks or online content, retention is better with interaction and reflection and also through experiential learning: action. Pupillary examination is clearly central to an ophthalmological evaluation, but is also very relevant for those managing a range of emergency, neurological, and general medical presentations. While medical students … Read more

How augmented reality can build the industrial workforce of the future

The manufacturing industry suffers from a growing shortage of labour. Augmented reality technology can help address this issue while building a workforce fit for the future. Whether this is caused by a retired workforce or challenges in hiring skilled workers, there is currently a labor shortage in the manufacturing sector. Manufacturers are facing the departure … Read more

The state of mental health and how technologies like virtual reality can help

The legacy of Covid-19 still lingers even after 2021. Healthcare is undoubtedly an industry that has been irreversibly changed due to the effects of the global pandemic. With major developments in technology and methodologies required to meet the huge demand for access to healthcare and the expansion of digitization of health information, the healthcare business … Read more

Virtual reality can help avoid fatal medical errors

What is responsible for the approximately 400,000 deaths annually and $37 billion in financial losses in the United States alone? It’s not covid, cancer, or opioids. Rather, they are mistakes made by doctors, medical residents, nurses, and surgeons in the intensive care and emergency unit. To combat all this human toll – which can often … Read more

Xtal VR Headset Review: High Quality Immersive Technology

The demand for high-quality virtual reality headsets is constantly growing. Back in December last year, it was pointed That companies have been buying immersive headphones and tech gear at an astonishing rate, a trend that will continue for years to come. According to IDC’s March 2022 Quarterly ReportHeadphone shipments grew an astonishing 92 percent in … Read more

More architects are using virtual/augmented reality to bridge connectivity gaps and cut costs

Architecture firms at the forefront of technology are integrating the use of augmentation and Virtual Reality As a way to help clients better visualize designs. The A&D industry has used 3D rendering as a visualization tool for years, but VR And AR takes the experience one step further by allowing customers to interact with their … Read more

METV ETF – Big Tech Needs The Metaverse (NYSEARCA: METV)

turk_stock_photographer/iStock via Getty Images The keyword at the end of 2021 was “Metaverse”. Giants, from social networks to the largest game publishers, are completely changing their development strategies, rebranding their most important products and themselves to enter the early stages of this trend. Facebook has become a Meta Platforms (FB), and the Oculus Quest VR … Read more