How to Improve the WNBA’s Salary Cap to Stimulate League Growth

The pre-season for the 2022 WNBA season has begun as it has in the past few years with big-name news and a final draft waiver before the first games.

twice Seattle Storm hero Briana Stewart She was one of many voices On this issue, advocate a soft cap on the salary or the addition of trained players.

“We need to develop young talent and take advantage of the momentum that the newly drafted players are bringing from the college game,” I wroteWNBA commissioner Kathy Engelbert, women’s basketball personality and players for the Women’s National Basketball Association, said it needs therapy to grow the fan base.

Her hoops stats writer Jacob Mokes I looked at what it would look like to add practice players With specific standards that reflect the NBA G League.

“The main thing that I have is that given the experienced replacement players, who will be just players on the roster, this almost can’t happen without an increase in the salary cap,” Mox told Yahoo Sports. “Because then you had a much more exaggerated version of what we see now. So the increased roster sizes should come with a higher salary cap. …One option is to avoid the CBA altogether and go the coaching path.”

His suggestion is for up to five players training in Maximum total cost of $144,282 in 2022 That’s less than the contract cap and about 11% of the $1.38 million salary cap. It was important, he said, in this assumption that it be as desired by both sides.

The WNBA is going through a critical phase where some wealthy team owners want to participate and invest while others cannot afford the initial costs of doing so. This would allow team owners, such as Mark Davis in Las Vegas or Joseph Tsai in New York, to improve their teams without forcing anyone else to. But it will create a competitive disadvantage that the collective bargaining agreement has avoided in cases such as charter flights.

“You have to kind of influence some teams, hey, you can’t spend that money if you want to, but you’ll have a disadvantage,” Mox said. “That could be a stumbling block for some owners.”

When the CBA was agreed in January 2020, the salary cap increased by 82% ($117,500 to $215.00) while the cap increased by only 30% ($996,100 to $1.3 million), forcing general managers to Creativity in building lists. Ten of the twelve teams hold a minimum of 11 teams to fit this cap, but the pool of talent continues to grow around them.

“What the general public sometimes forget, it’s not always about the top 11 players, it’s the top 11 players who fit within your salary cap,” Connecticut Sun “And that’s two different statements,” head coach Kurt Miller said on May 3.

Engelbert focuses on expanding the league before expanding the roster, though players are impressed Candice Parker I feel the opposite. We have to give something to keep moving up the league.

Non-professional freshmen make early marks near campus

Sam Thomas was introduced to the Phoenix Mercury roster as a WNBA rookie after pushing in Arizona.  (Chris Kuduto/Getty Images)
Sam Thomas introduced the striker Phoenix Mercury Listed as a new WNBA rookie after pushing in Arizona. (Chris Kuduto/Getty Images)

to all talk about High draft picks Missing on the opportunity, there are two undocumented freshmen who made rosters straight from their college seasons.

Graduate student from Maryland Katie Banzan 25 minutes moved down the Potomac River to Sophia Washington, where she set up a big night off the bench against the Leviathan offensive ace. In 15 minutes, I scored 12 points, went 3 of 4 from the 3 point range and 3 of 4 from the free throw line. She is the first Dominican player in WNBA history and Alisha Clark His success was coined “Benz Akl”.

Banzan, who played for three years at Harvard before moving on, set the Terrapins career record by 3 points (47.4%, 166-250) and ranked sixth in the country at 2021-22 (44.5%, 73-164). She averaged around 10 game points from 3 seconds off, making 73 of her 100 baskets total there.

or, like Misha Heinz Allen Put it eloquently:

Banzan is on a Saab signature, so she will be released once the Mystics returns in full force. When Clark is ready to return, Stephanie Jones will be released as the first hardship signature the Mystics have made. Banzan will have to leave when Elizabeth Williams returns from her overseas commitments.

Out west in Arizona, the star of the Wildcats Sam Thomas 2 hours above route 10 To play in Phoenix Mercury. Thomas played nine minutes in two matches with a rebound and an assist.

Of the 36 drafted players, 17 were on the opening day rosters. Five of the players were not with their teams due to injury or staying abroad. This junior category also includes a handful of older players who are making their WNBA debut.

At least six players aged 26 have made their debut so far, their biggest appearance in a single season in eight years in 2001, according to Across the Timeline. The issue of recruits not being placed on rosters, and therefore their inability to develop and learn from the best of the world, remains an issue that needs to be addressed. But the first-year players who got stuck show up.

Imaginative notes of the week

Aces Forward Aja Wilson Scored the most fantasy points (110) during the last week of play and was joined by his teammates in the top ten Kelsey Bloom (102, iv), Jacky Young (94, vi) and Derica Hampi (92, X), according to the ESPN Fiction Database using the standard recording format. The average ace is 89 PPG, behind Mercury 92.5. Center Sylvia Fowles has the best fantasy night of any player (55 points on May 10) as a bright spot in Minnesota’s early struggles.

Heaven’s Keeper Dana Evans It was one of the surprises of the first season. It was barely on any lists to start the season, but saw a 27.7% increase in the leagues on the list. Evans is still only on 28.9% of ESPN’s rosters and could still see decent playing time off the bench. The second-year guard earned 39 Fantasy points for Sparks and 25 for Liberty. Backcourt mate Rebecca Gardner, A veteran of 10 years overseas, he is also an option with 23 fantasy points on her WNBA debut.

Some players returned from their overseas commitments this week, including Team Mercury Diamond DeShields And Brianna Turner, after the end of the semi-finals of the Turkish League. Central Bank of Kuwait Mersin (Sun Bonner’s office) in the finals against Fenerbahce laden with WNBA talent (Mystics’ Elizabeth Williamswings Sato Sabalifever Priya Hartleyaces Kia Stokeslynx Kayla McBride). Fenerbahce won the first match90-55, and the second, 95-56. The third match is on Sunday.

In Spain, the sky Qleia copper and Sparks Katie Lou Samuelson Won the domestic league title for Venida and Cuper He was named MVP on Thursday. They and Valencia Rebecca Allen It is expected to be available early next week. The sky Julie Allemand (Lyon) is still in the French Ligue 1 qualifiers.

Highlight of the week

from Silvia Fowles Becomes the 13th player in WNBA history to reach 6000 points For a series of fun blocks – Hello, Queen Agbo There was no shortage of highlights to start the season. spark guard Shenedy Carter He gets a nod to collect a loose ball near the baseline and go coast to coast in a tight game with Fever. It’s nice to see Carter at her best back on the court again.

In case you miss it yourself

Weekend game(s)

Sue Bird and Diana Torassi

Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi will face each other for the second time in three days when Seattle and Phoenix play on ABC on Saturday. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

This weekend’s roster is worth having two games of the week, both on Saturdays.

The first is Phoenix Mercury vs Seattle Storm (3 p.m. ET, ABC). The two teams met for the first time Wednesday night in Phoenix and will turn around for the second meeting of three regular seasons in Seattle. Mercury won 97-77, and it’s unclear if Stewart and Prince can get back in time for Saturday. So Bird She said that all indications are that this is her last season – although she does not rule out a return – and it may be one of the last encounters between her and… Diana Taurasiwho seems to be Stay around longer. The last meeting is July 22 in Phoenix.

The second is Los Angeles Sparks Visit Connecticut Sun (7 p.m. ET, Facebook/League Pass). Sparks (2-1) got off to a great start after loading into a free agency and racking up victories over current champion Sky and Fever before falling for Dream (yes, eye emojis for Atlanta). Sun (0-1) are the favorites to win the pre-season title after years of approaching, but will still be without Bonner (not with the team, outside) and Courtney Williams (suspended).

full schedule

All games are available on WNBA League Pass unless listed on national television (ESPN, CBS, Amazon)

Friday: Wings at Mystics (7 p.m. ET); Aces in the dream (7:30 p.m. ET); Fever in Liberty (8 PM ET, Twitter, Fever Facebook page)

Saturday: Mercury at Storm (3pm ET, ABC), Sparks at Sun (7pm ET, Facebook), Sky at Lynx (8pm ET, NBA TV)

Sunday: Wings at Liberty (2pm ET), Dream at Fever (3pm ET, Amazon)