Star Wars should embrace TV and stop being movies altogether

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Just like we’re about to get a file star Wars appear in the form of Andor-The second of three Shows this year, if you need a reminder – the film side of the franchise has received another notable success. Rogue SquadronAnd the A movie that was originally slated to be directed Wonder Woman Patti Jenkins for the December 2023 issue has been pulled from the release schedule. Whether that’s a realistic release date or not Jenkins It said She has other projects on her schedule, looks like new star Wars The movie won’t even come December 2025until then.

As there’s been show after show of George Lucas’ sci-fi series, the cinematic side of things has gone through quite a few bumps. Things started in earnest with the rocky development of 2018 single, which saw a change of directors from Phil Lord and Chris Miller to Ron HowardAnd from Subsequent poor performance Kill Disney’s plans for solo movies for Boba Fett And the Obi-Wan Kenobi. (maybe even Jabba Hat?) accordinglythere Made headlines about the films that followed, whether it was discussions about it Heavenly Rise Trying to call Du more after last serious (After losing the original director Colin Trevorrow) or Kevin Feige It is brought in from Marvel to help patch the ship. and remember when Game of thrones creators They would star Wars movie, so they weren’t?

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Things are quite chaotic in the movie world far, far away, no doubt. But if there is any bright side To this detachment from the movies, is that extended media has really had a chance to thrive in the last couple of years. The high republic The books were able to carve out a niche for themselves by turning back the clock and making the most of a time when the Jedi weren’t. They are set up to be eliminated by a nihilistic sectarian. what or what Video games We got it Fun bounces Back in the old PS2 days, comics were reliably doing their own thing one event yet another.

All of this would provide healthy ways to maintain the franchise, but they all get an extra boost from the TV arm. Where The Mandalorian Dazzling audiences again in 2019, Lucasfilm managed to deliver one or two shows reliably over the course of several months. Not all of them are as good as them It looks at first buildingsAnd at the actor level, the TV side of star Wars She had differences, and she Gina Carano Parting ways with the company After her anti-transgender tweets, and Rosario Dawson’s allegations are now dismissed assaulting a transgender person. Frustrating as it is said, though, of those, the creation and release of a star Wars It seems to be a much easier task.

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To that end… maybe it’s fine if Star Wars just does away with films entirely? The most interesting work is being done on TV anyways, and has For some time. The same was true Star Trek Recently, it started marvelAnd this could be true here as well. Although the films were mostly bLeviathan Taurus Officeconstantly trying to outdo themselves and get big is what ultimately led to the franchise having to spend the past three years apologizing for Heavenly Rise Ending how I did it. One can make the argument that being a movie is crucial to part of star Wars Experiment, but this is not entirely true. The The last four episodes From clone wars It feels as cinematic as any movie in the franchise, if not more so, which is impressive because it seems like the episodes could be played in the theater If the epidemic had not occurred. Whether it be a cartoon, a comic, a book or a music, it will be cinematic of view and style rather than the way one chooses to consume star Wars Content.

To get the privilege was Dismissal issuesfrom a company with until Larger Issues From the same thing, ditching the silver screen might be what you need in the end. Disney wins either way, so it doesn’t hurt to experiment and see what works for the franchise.

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