Using AI during colonoscopy increases polyp detection rates and reduces costs

An appendix is ​​a small growth in colon tissue that can develop into colorectal cancer. Patients with polyps have a higher risk of developing cancer in the future. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) during colonoscopy, and endoscopic camera examination, could be useful for detecting precancerous polyps, says Yoichi Mori, MD, associate professor of the … Read more

Cancer survival rate high in the United States

In a recent article by American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)In the twelfth edition of the annual Cancer Progress Report, researchers highlight basic, translational, clinical, clinical, and population sciences cancer research. The AACR Cancer Progress Report highlights innovative cancer research that improves, extends and saves lives. Image Credit: ESB Professional / Shutterstock The comprehensive report … Read more

Posits, a new type of number, improves mathematics for artificial intelligence

Training the large neural networks behind many modern AI tools requires real computational capabilities: for example, OpenAI’s most advanced language model, GPT-3It required a million billion billion of amazing operations Train, and cost about US$5 million at computing time. The engineers think they’ve come up with a way to lighten the load by using a … Read more

AI-guided tools precisely identify immune cell driver and protective genetic factor for esophageal cancer

Esophageal adenoma (EAC) is a type of cancer that affects the mucous glands of the lower esophagus -; The tube that connects the throat to the stomach. It is the most common form of esophageal cancer and is often preceded by Barrett’s metaplasia (BE), which is a harmful change in the cells lining the esophagus. … Read more

Seven college campuses in North Carolina have been secretly tracking the social media posts of students and protesters

Big Brother Privacy Violation or Proactive Police? That is the question after a new report revealed that seven North Carolina universities are using or have used powerful social media monitoring software to monitor everything from campus protests to student welfare to drugs. WRAL Investigates has tracked the use of social media monitoring for years in … Read more

The dreaded problem that kills AI projects

Have you ever looked at something and were creeped out by its almost human-like appearance, but not quite? Be honest – does Sophia’s robot scare you? The feeling of crawling can range from robots to CGI animation or animation as you see it in theme parks, dollhouses, or even digital assistants. This concept is called … Read more

Inside USC’s work using Twitter to make AI less homophobic

Artificial intelligence is now a part of every day in our digital lives. We’ve all had the experience of searching for answers on a website or app and finding ourselves interacting with a chatbot. At best, a bot can help direct us to what we seek; At worst, we are usually directed to unhelpful information. … Read more

The National Institutes of Health’s Bridge2AI program aims to expand the use of artificial intelligence by the biomedical and behavioral research communities

The National Institutes of Health will invest $130 million over four years, pending the availability of funds, to accelerate the widespread use of artificial intelligence (AI) by the biomedical and behavioral research communities. The Bridge to Artificial Intelligence (Bridge2AI) program of the Joint Fund of the National Institutes of Health brings together team members from … Read more