Virtual is the new reality for MBA students

MBA students at Dartmouth College took a walk one day this spring to a corner store in Tamil Nadu, India, to observe local shopping habits. Motorcycles buzzed in front of them and roosters roared – that is, until the VR headsets went off. In a typical year, these students would have traveled to India or … Read more

Trade stagnation continues as market pain spreads far beyond technology

months ago Selling in the stock market It has accelerated lately, with the pain spreading beyond tech stocks and speculative corners of the market. Lately, even basic consumer goods companies, which were relatively sheltered from the turmoil, have been hit hard. Major indexes are hovering near their lowest levels for the year, with the S&P … Read more

The stock market is the heaviest, but the carnage is widespread

Eight companies are responsible for nearly half of the stock market’s decline this year — and the pain doesn’t end there. apple company , Microsoft corp. And Amazon. com Inc. , Tesla Corporation. The parent companies of Google and Facebook It has ballooned to become so large in recent years that it has taken 25% … Read more

Stocks are low. Some fund managers see deals.

font size Sami Semenigar, director of Fidelity International Capital Rating, ranked Nestlé as a stable farmer whose rating has declined. Justin Sullivan / Getty Images The month’s worry is that the US is headed into a recession, but several fund managers at this week’s Morningstar Investment Conference said they don’t expect a sharp slowdown. They … Read more

In this economy, shooting requires hard work

To hold a job these days, it seems like a worker needs one basic trait: pulse. Some jobs always require a little more than being able to stay awake. In the narrow labor market Within half a century, people may pass into higher positions just by going through the motions as well. “You have to … Read more

Stock Markets End Less Volatile Session

US stock and bond yields fell, as the S&P 500 index flirted with a alcohol marketContinuing investor concerns about the health of the economy perpetuated the recent sell-off. Major indexes fell early in the Thursday session, a day later drop 4%, before the restoration of the land. They eventually ended lower, with all three on … Read more