Abortion corporate travel benefits strive to preserve employee privacy

New York CNN Business – Companies rush to cover staff travel expenses related to abortion distance Supreme Court decision to allow states to ban or severely restrict abortion It raised a big question: Will the manager detect if you’re using the feature? The answer is usually no, especially if the company is the one who … Read more

Companies may face hurdles in covering abortion travel costs | Health, medicine and fitness

By Barbara Orttay and Dee Anne Durbin – Associated Press After the US Supreme Court struck down a federal right to abortion that had been in place for half a century, companies like Amazon, Disney, Apple and JP Morgan I pledged to cover the travel costs For employees who live in states where the procedure … Read more

French president reshuffles cabinet after election losses | Health, medicine and fitness

By Barbara Sork and Masha MacPherson – The Associated Press French President Emmanuel Macron rearranged his cabinet on Monday after losing his parliamentary majority, and called on his new government to “stand strong” amid Russia’s war in Ukraine and “transform” the debt-ridden French economy. The new government includes familiar faces from Macron’s center-right coalition, but … Read more

Despite potential, Midwest farms struggle to market fish | Health, medicine and fitness

By Cassie Smith – Associated Press/Report for America INDIANAPOLIS (Associated Press) — When massive food cost increases spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic left Andrew Caplinger struggling to find fresh catfish for his restaurants, he decided to try an “experimental” solution — planting his own. In the coming months, Indianapolis chain Caplinger’s Fresh Catch Seafood will … Read more

More than 22,000 technicians lose jobs in the US, and more than 12,000 in Indian startups

With the tech sector and startups hit by the economic meltdown, more than 22,000 workers in this sector lost their jobs in 2022, along with more than 12,000 workers in the Indian startup ecosystem. Startups, especially those that have benefited from the pandemic boom, are feeling the pressure as valuations, particularly in the late stage, … Read more

After an abortion ruling, clinic staff are in shock | Health, medicine and fitness

By Leah Willingham – The Associated Press Charleston, VA (AFP) – Danielle Manes pressed the hands of hundreds of anxious patients lying on tables in an operating room, which are now empty. She recorded countless vital signs and delivered a lot of snacks to the recovery area, and she is now silent. Staring into every … Read more

Why does China’s stock rally seem to have legs

font size The Chinese market is rising but still has a lot of cheap stocks. Here: An electronic board shows the Hang Seng in Hong Kong. Bertha Wang/AFP/Getty Images For a market that was considered on the verge of “uninvestable” a few months ago, China looks pretty hilarious. The iShares MSCI China The value of … Read more

Tesla’s second-quarter sales drop amid pandemic and supply chain problems | Health, medicine and fitness

by Tom Krecher – Auto Starter AP DETROIT (AP) — Tesla’s sales fell from April through June to their lowest quarterly level since last fall as supply chain problems and pandemic restrictions in China hampered production of its electric vehicles. company Saturday revealed It sold more than 254,000 cars and SUVs from April through June, … Read more

Experts say myths about abortion and women’s mental health are widespread

CNN – It is baseless Message experts say it’s repeated over and over again: A miscarriage may harm a woman’s mental health, possibly for years. ‚ÄúThere is a lot of misinformation, and many myths about abortion. Abortion will lead to substance abuse, depression and suicidal thoughts. Abortion is bad for your health; every woman will … Read more

Kevin Durant, Rudy Gobert, OJ Anonobi, Gary Trent Jr.

With most of the big players off the board, the commercial market has taken the lead with huge demand Rudy Gobert Dealing, now all eyes are on Kevin Durant Next potential destination after his last trade order. Here is the latest information HoopsHype has gathered about the conversations surrounding Durant, Gobert, and OG AnunobyAnd the … Read more