China protests: At the heart of the Zero Covid protests, young people are crying for freedom

A version of this story appeared on CNN’s newscast simultaneously in China, a thrice-weekly update that explores what you need to know about the country’s rise and how it is affecting the world. Register here. CNN – For the first time in decades, thousands of people have done so challenge the Chinese authorities To protest … Read more

Censorship Cannot Hold: The Pressures of Internet Control in China

As a teenager in rural China, Zeng Jiajun used his online knowledge to watch a banned documentary about the bloody military campaign in Tiananmen Square. A decade later, he was part of the sprawling censorship machine stifling China’s cyberspace, tasked with stopping the spread of anything the Communist Party didn’t want its people to know. … Read more

HBO Max shoots cigarettes from famous movie posters

HBO Max is cutting costs and cigarettes, too. In a bizarre move that movie buffs have spotted on social media, HBO Max has censored cigarettes from popular movie posters it shows on its streaming site. Angry movie fans took to Twitter to reveal the missing smoke in the HBO Max feeds, which seemed to be … Read more