Nutritionists: These are the signs you need to check your iron levels now

Leading nutritionists have shared the signs you need to check your iron levels, as it was revealed that 25 percent of women have low iron stores. Lianne Ward, from Brisbane, and Susie Burrell, from Sydney, are the co-hosts of the hugely popular movie. feeding sofa Podcast, which aims to dispel myths about dieting and healthy … Read more

Britain’s most tattooed man says he was ‘hidden from managers’ at work because of his thick ink

Britain’s most tattooed man who has 90% of his body covered in ink says he’s ‘hidden from managers’ at work because of his looks – but likes it to be a ‘living work of art’ King Body Art is Britain’s most tattooed man because of his extensive ink The 42-year-old from Birmingham says he’d love … Read more

Personal trainer Sophie Allen shares exactly what you eat per day

Australian personal trainer Sophie Allen shared a glimpse of what she eats in the day to maintain her fitness and body mass. The 32-year-old from Sydney A . shared video She took to Instagram to inspire her 380,000 followers to eat well every day – and she also revealed that she doesn’t track calories. Her … Read more

Kate Middleton reveals her son Louis is struggling to understand the Queen’s death

The Princess of Wales has revealed how her children are dealing with the death of their great-grandmother, the Queen. Speaking to the Governor-General of Australia at a reception for dignitaries in the Commonwealth before the Queen’s funeral today, Kate made it clear that four-year-old Louis is asking questions and struggling to make sense of them. … Read more