Used car loan payments have reached a major level

Buying a used car is still so expensive Suppliers The bottlenecks eased, pushing the average loan amount to $28,506. Consumers still rely heavily on financing to purchase their vehicles and the average loan amount rose 8.59% year-over-year, according to credit score company Experian. However, there are some flashes of light. “Since the beginning of the … Read more

Opinion: The S&P 500 is about to breach a level that could mean the end of the bear market

The stock market has faltered at times over the past three weeks, but Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell formulations Wednesday pushed the S&P 500 SPX, -0.09% To jump above the technical resistance at 4030 points. The benchmark is now challenging the decline of the 200-day moving average (MA) and the trend line that defines the … Read more

Why China’s COVID policies are troubling investors again

Investors in China-related assets who had expected a significant easing of COVID restrictions were disappointed this week as the country grapples with its worst wave of cases since the Shanghai outbreak earlier this year. China-related ETFs have fallen this week, with iShares MSCI China ETF MCHI, -1.82% a loss of 3.4%. KraneShares CSI China internet … Read more

Berlin Adjusts to French ‘Buy Europe’ Plans as Global Trade Rules Erode – POLITICO

Click play to listen to this article expressed by artificial intelligence. BERLIN – With the threat of a new US support package that could hurt industry in the European Union, Germany is backing away from its longstanding objections to schemes such as France’s “European Purchase Act” that would make provisions for buying goods domestically. Berlin’s … Read more

Should you invest in the Cloud Computing First Trust ETF (SKYY)? – November 24, 2022

Designed to provide broad exposure to technology – the cloud computing segment of the stock market, First Trust Cloud Computing ETF (A quick quote from SKYYThe sky – Free Report) is a passively managed stock exchange fund launched on 05/27/2011. Passive-traded ETFs are an increasingly popular choice among individual and institutional investors, offering low costs, … Read more

The Story Behind Your Gigabit Internet – Politico

The corridors in the EU bubble often see discussions about the aims of the European Digital Contract and the Commission’s communication goals: from politics to investment decisions, some arguments can even flare up. What it takes to bring gigabit connectivity to everyone. This article puts them to one side for a moment. The ETNO team … Read more

Now you can make money back from a long dormant investment

Finding a safe place to deposit your excess money that pays you some interest has been a challenge for more than a decade. With central banks keeping interest rates low to boost or protect economic activity for most of the past decade, it has been hard to get anything for your money. For years, bank … Read more

More investors are viewing HSA as the new 401k – here’s why

American companies have become embracing health savings as an employee benefit in recent years. Many companies are increasingly seeing HSA as an intentional plan developer – as a healthcare spending vehicle that allows users to save on healthcare expenses based on tax benefits. That premise sounded so good that American consumers now have more than … Read more

Future Returns: Back to Basics in Private Markets

Private markets are not immune to the challenges of an unstable economic environment and rising prices. For Greg Olafson, co-head of alternative investments at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, or GSAM, the uncertainty — which has led to a significant drop in private equity deals this year, according to London-based data provider Preqin — requires going … Read more

The world’s largest dirty energy club is cracking – Politico

Click play to listen to this article The fossil fuel industry is facing the unraveling of one of its most important international agreements — and the man running the show isn’t taking it very well. A string of major EU governments have now abandoned the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT), a deal between 53 countries originally … Read more