Launching dwarf tomato seeds to a space station aboard a SpaceX resupply flight

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news of amazing discoveries, scientific advances, and more. CNN – SpaceX’s 26th commercial resupply operation, scheduled for launch this weekend, will carry plenty of supplies, a pair of new solar arrays, dwarf tomato seeds and a host of science experiments to the International … Read more

Why a good balance is key to a healthy life

Editor’s note: Before starting any new exercise program, consult your physician. Stop immediately if you feel pain. CNN – When people think about improving their physical fitness, they often overlook the issue of balance. This is an important oversight. Good balance is an integral part of fitness and The key to living a long lifeAccording … Read more

A study finds that weight training and aerobic exercise reduce the risk of premature death

Editor’s note: Subscribe to CNN’s But Better Fitness newsletter series. Our seven-part guide will help you relax into a healthy routine, backed by experts. CNN – Aerobic activities and weight training have health benefits in and of themselves, but combining them can have an even greater impact when it comes to preventing disease and the … Read more

Food prices are going up, and that’s changing the way we eat

New York CNN Business – Lisa Altman used to pride herself on being able to eat whatever she wanted without worrying about the cost. Growing up, seconds were not served and side dishes were rare. “My mom had a budget every week, and she stuck to it,” she said. “As I got older and became … Read more