The bill prohibits gender reassignment for those under the age of 21

Ostensibly, Americans and their legislators accept and understand LGBT people more now more than a decade ago. The Supreme Court’s 2015 decision to legalize same-sex marriage is one of the most tangible and significant gains for LGBT rights — yet the 2015 decision directly protected only lesbian, gay, and bisexual people. No fewer than 19 … Read more

Biden sees the economy avoiding a recession, but the risks remain

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden assured Americans Friday that the US economy is in full swing for the holiday season, but the same strength for the new jobs report Show that high inflation is still a threat to recession. At the White House, the president signed an emergency bill to avert a rail strike … Read more

Austin Goolsby appointed next president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

The bank announced Thursday that Austin Goolsby, who served as chief economic adviser to former President Barack Obama, will become the next president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Mr. Goolsby, 53, is professor of economics at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He served as Chairman of the White … Read more

The White House is treading carefully as protests spread in China while the United States tries to repair relations with Beijing

Washington CNN – Frustrated protesters also took to the streets across China To protest the government’s strict Covid-19 restrictions — which has led to rare civil unrest and clashes between the public and officials — the Biden White House chooses its words carefully and deliberately. Senior US officials who have been closely monitoring the unrest … Read more

Iran threatened the families of the World Cup soccer team, according to a security source

CNN – Iran families FIFA World Cup Team A match security source said the players were threatened with imprisonment and torture if they did not “behave” ahead of the match against the United States on Tuesday. After Iranian players refused to sing the country’s national anthem in their opening match against England On November 21stThe … Read more

Protests erupted across China in an unprecedented defiance of Xi Jinping’s zero-Covid policy

Beijing CNN – Protests broke out all over China On Saturday, including on universities and in Shanghai as hundreds chanted “Step down, Xi Jinping! Step down, Communist Party!” in an unprecedented show of defiance against the country’s increasingly tough and costly anti-Covid policy. A deadly fire in an apartment building in the country’s far western … Read more

Economies booming with Russian wealth and immigration

Russians cross the border between Russia and Georgia days after President Vladimir Putin announced a mobilization campaign on September 21. Daru Solakuri | Getty Images News | Getty Images While many economies are suffering from the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a select few countries are benefiting from the influx of Russian immigrants and … Read more

Environmentalists pay Hochul to help “canners” increase bottle deposits by 5 cents

Boom times may come The so-called “cans” in New York While environmentalists are pressing Gov. Kathy Hochul to include in the next state budget a proposal to double the deposit New Yorkers pay for drinks from 5 cents to 10 cents. included [this idea] It will advance the state’s efforts to reduce trash, promote recycling, … Read more

OPEC+ is looking to increase production ahead of restrictions on Russian oil

Group delegates said Saudi Arabia and other OPEC oil producers are discussing increasing production, in a move that could help heal the rift with the Biden administration and keep energy flowing amid new attempts to undermine Russia’s oil industry over the war in Ukraine. Delegates said increasing production by up to 500,000 barrels per day … Read more

What borrowers need to know with student loan forgiveness in limbo

Olga Ryazantseva | iStock | Getty Images After applying for student loan forgiveness, some borrowers receive what appears to be good news from the US Department of Education. We reviewed your application and determined that you qualify for loan forgiveness under the plan e-mail Sent by Education Minister Miguel A. Cardona. However, the notice goes … Read more