Amazon can’t get the peloton back

When it comes to peloton, Amazon It can definitely be of some help. e-commerce giant Peloton’s basic stationary bike is now on sale In late August, one month before the end of the first quarter of the equipment company’s fiscal year. Early indications are that Amazon customers are on the go; Amazon named the Peloton … Read more

OPEC+ is looking to increase production ahead of restrictions on Russian oil

Group delegates said Saudi Arabia and other OPEC oil producers are discussing increasing production, in a move that could help heal the rift with the Biden administration and keep energy flowing amid new attempts to undermine Russia’s oil industry over the war in Ukraine. Delegates said increasing production by up to 500,000 barrels per day … Read more

Women’s tennis stood up for Peng Shuai – and delivered a financial hit that didn’t pan out

Two scenes in the past three months have captured the possibilities and pitfalls facing the WTA. Serena Williams’ surprising arrival in the third round of the US Open in September – then In a sign that she was preparing to leave tennis– Show women’s tennis star power. The broadcast was the highest-grossing singles tennis match … Read more

How to live as an entrepreneur

font size In moving forward as an entrepreneur, you will discover that all the skills you master in between working hours will be useful in your personal life, too, writes Noam Wasserman. Dream time About the author: Noam Wasserman He is the Dean of the SA Sims School of Business at Yeshiva University and a … Read more

Janet Yellen says some of Russia’s sanctions could extend beyond the end of the Ukraine war

Nusa Dua, Indonesia – US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said some sanctions on Russia could remain in place even after any final peace deal with Ukraine, raising the prospect of a long-term US effort to squeeze the Russian economy. Ms. Yellen said any final peace deal would include a review of the sanctions that the … Read more

A new study indicates that mice move to a musical rhythm just as humans do

When a good song comes along, people can’t help but move with the music, nodding their heads or tapping their feet in time with the beat. It was previously believed that this ability to perceive and move in sync with strikes is only present in humans and Small group of other species. But mice can … Read more

The October inflation report showed that consumer prices increased by 7.7% from the previous year

Inflation fell last month to the slowest pace since January but remained elevated, which could keep Fed officials on the right track Starting to slow down the pace of interest rate hikes Designed to tame price pressures. The Ministry of Labor said on Thursday that it has The Consumer Price Index rose 7.7%. in October … Read more

Some investors are betting that the Fed may raise rates to a two-decade high

Investors are preparing for the possibility that a second year of stubborn inflation will force the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates from more than 20 years ago. Wall Street Pros Spent a lot this year betting Already strong interest rate moves by the Federal Reserve would quickly cool the economy and halt price hikes. … Read more

Moving in together doesn’t match the financial benefits of getting married, but why?

Walking the aisle can be a path to increased wealth and prosperity for married couples in the United States who have higher net worth and They are more likely to be homeowners than their unmarried peers of their age. However, the mystery is why cohabiting but unmarried couples struggle to build wealth in the same … Read more

Layoffs hit the tech sector as hard as Amazon, Lyft warns of economic downturn

The outlook for tech industry jobs worsened Thursday, with passenger carrier Lift a company LYFT -2.00% and Stripe Inc. a company AMZN -3.06% Saying it would freeze hiring companies for months. The outpouring of dismal news for the industry came as the Fed moved again to raise interest rates To combat inflation, signaling greater … Read more