India To Become Third Largest Economy By 2030: S&P Global, Morgan Stanley

A beautiful and colorful aerial view of the Mumbai skyline during twilight seen from Currie Road, on February 16, 2022 in Mumbai, India. Prateek Chorgi | Hindustan Times | Getty Images India is set to overtake Japan and Germany to become the third largest economy in the world, according to the Standard & Poor’s Worldwide … Read more

Berlin Adjusts to French ‘Buy Europe’ Plans as Global Trade Rules Erode – POLITICO

Click play to listen to this article expressed by artificial intelligence. BERLIN – With the threat of a new US support package that could hurt industry in the European Union, Germany is backing away from its longstanding objections to schemes such as France’s “European Purchase Act” that would make provisions for buying goods domestically. Berlin’s … Read more

OPEC+ is looking to increase production ahead of restrictions on Russian oil

Group delegates said Saudi Arabia and other OPEC oil producers are discussing increasing production, in a move that could help heal the rift with the Biden administration and keep energy flowing amid new attempts to undermine Russia’s oil industry over the war in Ukraine. Delegates said increasing production by up to 500,000 barrels per day … Read more

Chinese sailings canceled, ‘drastic’ ship cuts hurt US export market

Shipping containers at a container terminal at the Port of Long Beach – Port of Los Angeles complex, in Los Angeles, California, April 7, 2021. Lucy Nicholson | Reuters The increase in canceled or canceled sailings from Asia to the United States is hitting some of the largest domestic ports hard, including the Port of … Read more

The world’s largest dirty energy club is cracking – Politico

Click play to listen to this article The fossil fuel industry is facing the unraveling of one of its most important international agreements — and the man running the show isn’t taking it very well. A string of major EU governments have now abandoned the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT), a deal between 53 countries originally … Read more

Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine creates a STEM-focused master’s program

The RegenMed Hub in downtown Winston-Salem now features a new master’s degree program Focuses on educating future generations of STEM professionals and business leaders in the field of regenerative medicine. The program represents a collaboration between Wake Forest University School of Medicine and the university’s Institute of Regenerative Medicine within the Innovation Quarter. STEM stands … Read more

Spryker’s research found nearly two-thirds of Australians

MELBOURNE, Australia, October 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Spryker, the leading platform for enterprise markets, commerce of things, and standardized commerce, today released the 2022 Australian Online Grocery Report. Research of 2,500 Australian consumers found nearly half – 48% – of Australians buy at least some groceries online, 10% now order most or all of … Read more

You have canceled your home purchase plan. What now?

By SARA RATHNER NerdWallet Millennials are in peak nesting mode. We want an outdoor space that many apartments lack, or a growing room that a novice home doesn’t provide. There is just not a small problem. (Gestures are widespread on everything.) The median sale price of existing homes in the United States was $389,500 in … Read more

Europe investigates unexplained gas leak in Nord Stream pipelines

BERLIN – European authorities are investigating mysterious leaks on two currently closed Russian natural gas pipelines to Germany, with officials telling ships to stay away from the area. accidents for her No effect on gas supplies in Europe Since both links are not currently in use. Germany halted Nord Stream 2 pipelines in February due … Read more