Amazon can’t get the peloton back

When it comes to peloton, Amazon It can definitely be of some help. e-commerce giant Peloton’s basic stationary bike is now on sale In late August, one month before the end of the first quarter of the equipment company’s fiscal year. Early indications are that Amazon customers are on the go; Amazon named the Peloton … Read more

Layoffs hit the tech sector as hard as Amazon, Lyft warns of economic downturn

The outlook for tech industry jobs worsened Thursday, with passenger carrier Lift a company LYFT -2.00% and Stripe Inc. a company AMZN -3.06% Saying it would freeze hiring companies for months. The outpouring of dismal news for the industry came as the Fed moved again to raise interest rates To combat inflation, signaling greater … Read more

Morgan Stanley says investors should consider this port in the market storm right now

It appears that the massive selloff in the British pound, which is credited with exacerbating the global rout of markets last week, will continue to wreak havoc on Monday. Old Blighty’s economic woes add to the list of growing concerns in the markets, which is driving more investors into the dollar and out of riskier … Read more

Apple and Amazon twice over the rights to LIV Golf Media

LIV Golf has attracted some of the world’s most famous golfers to join the innovative golf league, but it’s having even more difficulty finding a major US media partner to broadcast its tournaments. Amazon. AMZN -2.08% com Inc. And the apple a company AAPL -2.26% People familiar with the matter said both have transferred media … Read more