Thursday afternoon cardinal news and notes

—Due to bad weather entering the area this afternoon/evening, the first pitch in the opening night series between Louisville and Virginia from 6 p.m. to 4 p.m. has been lifted to you preview From the beast three days before the nine cardinal.

-Last NCAA Championship has the cards as the No. 8 seed in the tournament.

Nick Saban vs Jimbo Fisher has become one of the most incredible fights I’ve seen in sports.


the Chaser:

Best Tweet:

Bama hosts Tecas A&M on October 8.

In an amazing turn of events, the NCAA recently announced Some smart decisions This figure is to promote a college football product.

—U of L. has been selected As host site for the 2023 Indoor Racetrack Championships.

—BetOnline First Week 1 college football odds are that Louisville is a favorite 4 waypoints over Syracuse.

—There are still some sites to fill out, but both Sydney Curry and Ellis I feel good About the Louisville List at Present.

—Ellis is also a guest on latest episode From the podcast by Jeff Greer.

—Want to watch a video of every winning shot/whistle in the 2021-22 men’s college basketball season game? If the answer is yes, you can make it happen now.

– “Basketball Championship” this summer A game will be shown in Rucker Park.

—Athletic tackled the biggest sports story of the day: How Happy Gilmore became a star staple generations Of comedy and comfort.

– An official in Japan mistakenly sent the entire Covid relief budget in a rural town, about $360,000, to one man. After promising to return the money, the man instead Gamble at online casinos.

Look, you’re either sexy or worthy. I get it.

Happy birthday, king.

—Louisville men’s golf team Its season is over He finished seventh on Wednesday at the Norman Regional. The top five teams from the region advance to the NCAA Championship. The cards will bring back seven players next season, including All-ACC performer Jiri Zuska.

– Ricky O’Donnell makes the case to Paulo Banchero as the #1 pick in the June NBA Draft.

—Racing Louisville easily put in its best performance of the youth season on Wednesday night, download Unbeaten by San Diego.

—The game’s only goal fell on SportsCenter’s Top 10 this morning.

Congratulations to U of L Rugby’s Dan Hanson and Angelo Ecclo on being named First Team All-MAC. The tag team (a team in the U of L) will begin their play at the Nationals on Saturday, May 25y It’s 1:50 p.m. against Iowa State. The game will be broadcast live on CBS Sports.

American Football Writers Association Named Louisville is one of its 11 schools with the best SID teams in the country for the 2021 season.

Cardinal hockey game She added Malachi Mahan as assistant coach.

—We’re officially 100 days into the 2022 college football season. To celebrate 247 sports Names The 100 biggest real impact freshman of the season. Popeye Williams of Louisville makes the cut.

Bob WilliamsEDGE, Louisville

247 Sports Complex: No. 177

The Cardinal brought back one of the ACC’s best players in Yasser Abdullah at the linebacker “Dog” (standing position, rim edge). But the rest of the Cardinals haven’t been demonstrated, providing Popeye Williams with a runway to see instant playing time. Williams has the skill to force this to happen. Williams plays at a high level of effort and showed a quick blast in high school that would allow him to contribute to a pass once he steps onto campus.

—Louisville racing star Nadia Nadim is the guest star on latest episode From the Women’s Game podcast.

—Joe Baker Duke Ho in the transport gate.

—Go to the legend of Louisville.

— Mark Weinberg Collapses Storm condition this afternoon/evening.

—Jeff Greer’s latest the news He takes a closer look at Louisville’s current (very long) roster as well as Ellis’ boosting role for next season.

How about the other quote? After a few days of writing about Ellis’ role in Louisville and why this consolidation would have such a big impact on how the remaining backyard was built, he detailed to me the coolest of Floyd Street this week what his conversation with Payne was like. Louisville’s new coaching staff wants the ball in their hands — a lot more than it did last season.

“They’ll count on me,” Ellis told me. “I’m going to be that leader. I’m going to be that ranger who is an extension of the coach on the ground. That’s what I wanted to hear. I didn’t hear that coming. I came here because of the power of being Louisville. He was in the ACC, a big time program. … I’d be that guy, I hold the ball in my hand.”

We can unpack a lot in there, but let’s focus on the role Ellis discussed with Pine. Ellis expects to play the point guard, but he also loves the idea of ​​having another player involved in the backcourt. That’s why I keep coming back to Malachi Smith, which for me is the best suited for my transportation options. Tyrese Hunter is a really good player, but he will need the ball in his hands to be the medium and penetrator he will need because he is not a good enough shooter to affect the game off the ball. Smith can play both point guards, facilitating, scoring and guarding the larger opponent’s guards. In addition, he is an elite rebel for his position and is better than Hunter. But Hunter is a great defender. Perhaps that external defensive perseverance outweighs everything else. Probably not either/or. We will find out.

In the meantime, we got some answers to last week’s column question. Ellis expects to be the lead keeper, the guy who facilitates, and the guy who runs the show. It helps us a lot to know how to make this team.

Another good note from Ellis as we spoke: He has eligibility for two years. So does Sidney Curry, then. They have changed their statuses on the scholarship scheme. If things go well for them next season, I don’t think they will go back to school, but knowing their options helps with that.

– Cardinal salad previews This weekend’s series is on Diamonds against Virginia.

Michael Bush now officially Inducted into the Kentucky Sports Hall of Fame.

– looks good.

-a new body In the current list of Louisville women’s basketball players.

—Kenny Payne Thinks of Sidney Curry Focused and Fully Customized Could be a beast For next winter cards.

Head over to Cory and the entire team here, who continue to do a tremendous job on the video side.

We hope that the product on the court will begin to live up to the standard of excellence.

—Cavaliers Now says this week’s Jim Patterson series is so “pivotal” For both teams.

– Kenny Payne The latest comments About Kentucky and John Calipari certainly support the idea that we’re entering a kinder, friendly era of rivalry…at least between coaches.

– Just win the game.

– The Louisville Bats 7-4 resolution dropped To the Nashville Sound on Wednesday night.

– and finally, Louisville ReportMatt McGavitch will be joining me in the studio for Mike Rutherford’s show today 3-6 at 1450 The Big X. Send your questions about the show to Thornton’s text line at 502-414-1450. You can stream the show here.